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Why Auquall

Why to Choose Auquall ?

Auquall Differentiators

Focus on fundamentals of Software Development Practices

  • Getting into the shoes of the clients and understanding the problem that they are trying to solve.
  • Helping in featurizing and modularizing the solution for the problem.
  • Adding value in process improvement keeping in mind the vision, the scale and the brand.

Being agile & nimble throughout the process

  • Project management that has been built with an agile approach have succeeded more and we are totally agile in the approach.
  • Being open to changes and flexible enough to understand the pivots are our strengths.

Build, launch, iterate & scale

  • Being into industry ourselves, we understand the importance of quick wins – end customer satisfaction & training before scaling.
  • Understanding the business and the pivots required at critical junctures to enable scale.​

The technology mix compliments the overall business

  • Automation – you name it, we will execute it.
  • The mix of technology blend sets up a larger canvas in contributing to the overall business of the clients.

Team Culture

With a wealth of experience in creating PHP applications across a wide range of complexities, our team of best PHP developers and experts are your ideal business growth drivers. We practice Agile Software Development methods such as Scrum and Extreme Programming and love contributing to open source projects.The benefits of using PHP development technology stack includes lower costs with rapid development and excellent support from open source communities with tons of gems and plugins available.

Auquall 3P Capabilities

3p Capabilities

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