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Internet of Things

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Internet of Things Application Development

IOT (Internet of things) is a concept where everyday objects are connected using the Internet. There are wide ranges of objects or devices connected to the internet every day and it’s growing exponentially. The relationship or communication will be between people-people, people-things & things -things. The devices are connected via WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, and much more. Generally, mobile phones are used as a medium. Hence, the data collected by these devices can be accessed from anywhere and the devices can be controlled from anywhere using a web browser and/or mobile phones. Thanks to powerful hardware and software platforms available on the mobile phones.

Let our IOT solutions and services bring intelligence to your devices & move you to next world of a smart world with seamlessly connected devices. Get hold of a central console to control all your devices centrally and enhance the overall efficiency of your operational processes. This goes a long way in enhancing your business productivity, making your organization a smartly connected organization.

Why IOT for Your Business?

As a Smart IOT user in business, your operational processes can go to the next level of efficiency with the intelligence and connectivity imparted by the solution. With the examples, such as Remote patient monitoring (Smart Healthcare), Fleet Management and Monitoring, Remote Vehicle Diagnostics (Smart Automotive), Smart Shelves, Warehouse Automation (Smart Retail), Smart Metering, Assets Tracking (Smart Energy Solutions) Smart Factories, Assets Management (Smart Manufacturing Units), Smart Inventory, Tools & Equipment Tracking (Smart Construction Units), we can see how IOT has touched every industry & driven growth.

Here are the key reasons behind the growing interest of businesses like yours in Internet of Things:

  • Need for less human efforts with seamless connectivity
  • Smoother and more efficient business operations
  • Improved customer experiences, better visibility and reach to the audience
  • Technology powered simple solutions to all your complex business needs
  • Improved business efficiency & overall productivity of the organization
  • Competitive edge with enhanced business opportunities

Hire the Best Internet of Things Application Developers

Auquall Inventive Services is backed by solid experience at delivering enterprise mobility solutions focused on results, we ensure that your business embarks on its IOT journey on the right feet. With a deep understanding of IOT needs of your business, we support you turn your enterprise into a ‘Smart Enterprise’ transforming the way you do business. The business benefits you can achieve from our IOT solutions, the range is higher productivity to enhanced customer satisfaction. Also, a smoother and more efficient operational process with the involvement of less human efforts which means lower in operational cost.

As an IOT experts, we develop and execute your projects with ease and successfully help you turn your devices into smart devices with enhanced utility. We give power to your app to seamlessly connect and talk with hardware/communication channel apart from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, NFC, etc. With our technical expertise, we have given the edge to our client’s businesses operating across industry verticals with secure and scalable IOT solutions that give them a clear competitive edge.

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