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Progressive Web Application Development

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Progressive Web Application Development Company

Auquall Inventive Services has been one of the early adopters of Progressive Web Applications which allows customers to build reliable, fast and engaging web pages with the performance matching that of the mobile applications. Our team of expert developers provide you first-mover advantage combining the best of the web and the best of apps. We ensure that web apps are adaptive on multiple devices of varying screen sizes for seamless performance like native apps.

Progressive Web App

A web app that can provide the advantage of many of the features of native applications. Have an experience in creating a web app that works offline using Service Workers. Finally, make your app installable to the user’s home screen with the Web App Manifest file.

Our team of PWA developers offers an immersive full screen experience to engage users. We provide support Progressive Web App Development at every stage of the app development lifecycle, right from development, deployment to maintenance and support.Auquall team is at the forefront of developing robust and high-performance Progressive web app solutions for clients, helping achieve ROI without any hassle.

Features with Progressive Web App (PWA)

  • No Limitations: Progressive Web Apps (PWA) can be downloaded by a user irrespective of browser or device specifications.

  • Offline Connectivity: Service Worker lets users access apps even if network connectivity is shaky. The more the user interacts with the app, the faster it gets.

  • App Shell Model: Built on the App Shell Model, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) look and feel incredible. They are known for providing incredible user experience without interruption or loss of speed.

  • Increased Engagement: Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are optimized to not only be easily discoverable but also lets businesses send out push notifications to bridge communication between user and brand.

  • Installable and Safe: Apps can not only be installed and stored on device home screens for easy access, but their HTTPS protocol makes them the safest option for functions that require private user data.

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