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Native Script Development

NativeScript offers native UI and high performance in both the iOS and Android platforms from a single code base. With NativeScript, you can leverage popular web skills like JavaScript, AngularJS, and CSS.

NativeScript covers the gap between Java and Objective-C development, plus the hybrid web development supported by frameworks such as Apache Cordova. Rather than developing Android apps with Java and iOS applications with Objective-C, we can create applications from a single code set, made up of JavaScript and XML using NativeScript.

NativeScript Services

  • Nativescript Web Development
  • Nativescript Plugin Development
  • Nativescript UI Development
  • Migrating jQuery/JavaScript to Nativescript
  • Mobile App development
  • Migrating JQuery/JS to Nativescript Platform

Why use Nativescript?

  • Most mature native mobile platform
  • Customer support from Telerik
  • Native is performance works 3x faster than competition
  • Focus on security and performance
  • Your app will not be seen like a mini website in a WebView!

Who uses Nativescript?

  • TeamReps
  • MeWatt
  • PressPause
  • PowerLeague

Auquall Inventive Services is offering dedicated Native Script development services as well. We have skilled and trained NativeScript developers who can aid you largely without compromising on any of Native Script advantages.

Auquall Inventive Services has developed numerous mobile applications with Native Script and has successfully integrated it. Our Native Script developers work from our development center in India and ensure that our client is delivered with highest quality and cost effective application. Our developers are always ready to help you in any critical situation.

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