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Accelerated Mobile Pages Development

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Accelerated Mobile Pages Development Company

AMP is an innovation due to the slow loading of web pages. In this world, only matter of speed and instant is assumed ideal, the bounce rate on pages that take more than 10 seconds have a major chance to get bounced off. AMP is the solution to that loading speed. Its rapidness is the compelling factor for the users to engage with the content more often. The advertisements are the biggest source of revenue for the on-line publishers, ad blockers are the biggest killers of these revenue sources. The new AMP format has been designed to ensure that faster web pages will disengage users to install software’s like ad blockers which eat up into revenues. This has convinced some of the most popular and leading ad networks like Amazon, Google Ad sense, AOL AdTech, Taboola, etc to use AMP ad extended component.

AMP HTML is an efficient way to optimise the web pages so that user bounce off rate can be reduced and converted into revenues. There is no need to change the content that you are posting to enhance your business. All it needs is a little addition to the HTML coding of you web page that will automatically transform the content to AMP format. This will allow your content to be indexed and cached by the third parties for easy viewing within their framework.

Advantages of Accelerated Mobile Pages

  • Ad and Analytics
    • Our HTML are coded in a way to enhance the overall usability of the banners.
  • Reduced Load Time
    • AMP is specially developed to reduce the loading time of the content. Loads pages easily with accuracy.
  • Optimized Data Consumption
    • Allow users to install the website as an app on their home screen without taking the user to an app store.
  • Enhanced SEO
    • Since there is no need to customize your web content, search engines can easily discover you’re your web page.
  • Ad and Analytics
    • Our HTML are coded in a way to enhance the overall usability of the banners.
  • Mobile Friendly
    • AMP’s are accessible across all devices making them an ideal mobility solution SEO-friendly.
  • Adjustment on any browser
    • Customization for their web pages. They can also be moulded in any browser type.
  • AMP Stamps on Search
    • Sites which are AMP Powered are clearly marked on search results making them more likely to be selected by users.

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